Just Like School?

Whilst the Sixth Form shares the same site as the lower school there are some clear differences. The lack of uniform is obvious, but this really is the most superficial difference. Our students enjoy a much closer relationship with staff, a product of studying a more focused curriculum with smaller class sizes, coupled with increased levels of responsibility.

The Sixth Form plays a unique part in the life of the school, combining higher level study with leadership roles and increased independence to lead the student body. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, take advantage of fantastic new opportunities, develop new skills and learn to become leaders.

Our students help in lessons and extra-curricular activities, as well as mentor pupils and assist in lower school reading programmes. Our Sports Leaders, Future Teachers and Medics are already honing the skills that are demanded by many professions.

Sixth Formers enjoy the benefits of the greater freedoms that exist in Post 16 education. Having more free time during the school day allows them to plan their own learning and work routines to grow as independent learners, whilst reaping the benefits of the outstanding support and excellent teaching standards we offer.

Our students enjoy a large, well equipped café, a 50 computer study room as well as ‘The Donut’, our common room space that acts as the centre of Sixth Form life throughout the day and is a popular place to relax and unwind.


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